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Grech, Victor


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Victor Grech is a well known television personality, mainly for his parts as actor in several teleserials. He featured in the first teleserial, F’Bahar Wiehed, way back in 1976, where he was entrusted with the character of Gigi l-Magistrat’. Though this being his first major part, he had appeared on tv earlier as actor, the first being in Il-Madonna Zingara. In all he had 35 acting parts on television, amongst them in Ipokriti (as Sander), in Pilatus (as Qajfa), in Wirt and in Dejjem Tieghek!
Born at Sliema in 1926, he has been in acting since the mid-1940s, at first with the ‘Star of the Sea’ company managed by Dun Gorg Zammit. Later on he also acted, amongst others, with the Cachia-Ghirlando company and with Maleth.
He was also sought for radio plays which used to be broadcast direct on Rediffusion from the Knightshall, today the Malta Conference Centre.
Victor also had his share in international films which came to Malta for their filming, the first one being The Malta Story of 1952. Later films or tv series include Pulp, Vendetta for the Saint, The Maltese Falcon and Remington Steele.
He received his education at Stella Mans College in Gira. During World War II, he held an office job with the Royal Air Force. After the war he remained with the RAP where he eventually held the position of Civilian Administrative Officer. Later on Grech joined the Local Civil Service.
Victor Grech is married to Mary nee Vassallo, also an actress and one of the first MW announcers. They have two children, Josef Noel and Christianne.

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