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Private Deposit by Denis Darmanin

Bio note: 1. The Blood Bank books are records of my past donations.

  1. The Karate membership book is my own and was one of the first such clubs in Malta. I also practiced Tae Kwan Do, but the grading booklet was lost years ago.

  2. The passports are my own from when travelling to Australia with my parents in 1965, my return to Malta in 1971 and all others issued to me since. Many are of the years that I worked in Libya, hence the many entry/exit stamps. After some years, it was decided to have a travelling pass issued for travel to and from Libya rather the use of the Maltese passport.
    The two main reasons were that considering the frequent travels, passports were being filled and replaced very often and considering the thousands of Maltese working there, a problem was arising for both the Maltese Passport Office and the person to who it’s issued. The other problem was that since Libya was considered a hostile country then, travelling to certain countries with various Libyan stamping, had cause people problems, due to suspicion of the owner. It was so bad, that travelling to Israel, even though one requested the issue of a new passport, they could still track that you had visited Libya and caused delays and problems.
    The other cards are passes to travel internally within Libya while working there. Some are just normal passed or ID cards. The yellow one is a pass to enter certain restricted military sites due to work and were rarely issued. Mine was because of a job within a particular army barracks and working in the desert on an oil-well that had blown up and the army was considering it an act of sabotage. Since the area was cordoned the are and all transit was checked, this pass was essential. All of our oil-rig’s crew who were assisting the experts in extinguishing the fire, were issued with this pass, except the Americans, other than those of Boots & Coots, who were the US blow-out prevention and extinguishing company. They are world renowned.
    I had worked in Libya on and off from 1980 to 1992 on various oilrigs and other oil-field servicing companies, both on land particularly in the desert and offshore. I held various positions in duration.
    Since these documents were liable to be disposed of at some future date, I felt that the National Archives may have use for them as part of the Memoria or some other project.
    Denis A. Darmanin
    19 January 2023




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