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Agricultural Show - Buskett and Gozo

Sub-file 1) Agricultural Show - Gozo, 1947-1962. Contains 12 sub-sub-files covering the years 1947 to 1962. They contain: programmes, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, speeches etc.; Sub-file 2) "Agrarian Society - Buskett Shows" 1943-1962. Contains sample invitation and accompanying note, and 16 sub-sub-files covering the years 1944 to 1962 [excluding 1948, 1960 and 1961]. They contain: newspaper cuttings, correspondence, menus, seating plans, invitations, notes concerning Verdala Palace being used as a temporary hospital for infantile paralysis, lists of committee members, programmes, luncheon guestlists etc.

Arrival and Swearing - Sir Robert Edward Laycock etc.

Sub-file 1) The arrival and swearing-in ceremony of Sir Robert Edward Laycock 1954. Includes: traffic arrangements, car labels for parking, correspondence, schedule of arrangements, speeches, procedures, the Malta Government Gazette etc.; Sub-file 2) Departure of Sir Robert Laycock, 28th May 1959. Includes: invitation lists, instructions to Public Works, staff party guestlist, draft programme, correspondence and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 3) Letters and messages of welcome - Sir Robert Laycock; Sub-file 4) Arrival of Admiral Sir Guy Grantham, 8th June 1969. Includes: letters and messages of welcome, invitations, traffic arrangements, guestlist and newspaper, hand drawn seating arrangement plan, draft procedure of arrival, newspaper cuttings, Malta Government Gazette, Governor's speech, hand drawn map etc.; Sub-file 5) Departure of Admiral Sir Guy Grantham, June 1962. Includes: invitations, instructions, notices, correspondence, list of staff wages [?].

Art Exhibition Held in the Armoury

Sub-file 1) "Congo Famine Relief Fund" 1961. Contains: correspondence, circular and newsletter; Sub-file 2) "Miscellaneous: Speeches & Files" 1951-1961. Contains: Governor's speech, order confirmation for wine, correspondence, 4 gelatin silver photographs; sub-sub-file for the ceremony of the handing over of HM's dockyard to Bailey (Malta) Ltd. 29th March 1959; memorandums, programme of festivities, newspaper cuttings etc.; sub-sub-file entitled, "Royal Military Police - Road Safety Demonstration" 1956; sub-sub-file for National Day 1956. Includes circulars, newspaper cuttings, programme of festivities. Within the main file is correspondence, receipts, statement of account etc.; Sub-file 3) Presentation of "Sword of Honour" to Viscount Gort V.C., 12th March 1944. Includes: newspaper cuttings, list of band clubs where HE's photograph was sent and correspondence; Sub-file 4) Christmas Boxes. Contains: 10 sub-sub-files, one for each year between 1952 and 1961. They contain lists of people and gifts from HE and correspondence.

Award of the Muscat Azzopardi Medal

Sub-file 1) Award of the Muscat Azzopardi Medal, 1947 to 1951. Includes: newspaper cuttings, invitation, notes on the prize, order of speeches and typescript speeches; Sub-file 2) General Workers Union, 1951 to 1952. Contains: correspondence, newspaper cuttings and a speech; Sub-file 3) "Formosa (Charlie)" 1952. Contains a letter from Charlie Formosa re. recommendation to the Housing Department for better housing; Sub-file 4) University Laboratories - laying of foundation stone, 1952 to 1960. Includes: programme, correspondence and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 5) Brigate Nazzjonali Maltija - National Youth Day (1952). Contains correspondence; Sub-file 6) "Governors' Coat-of-Arms" 1952. Contains a small gelatin silver photograph and corresponding letter; Sub-file 7) Graduation Ceremony - Royal University of Malta, 1953 to 1956. Includes 4 sub-sub-files: 2 for the opening of academic year 1953 and 1954, and 2 for Foundation Day 1954 and 1956. They contain: correspondence, newspaper cuttings and programmes.

Boy Scouts

Sub-file 1) "Visit to Malta of H.I.M. the Emperor of Ethiopia" 1954. Contains: luncheon menu, Commissioner of Police correspondence and 3 sub-sub-files entitled, "Dinner: Wednesday-6th October 1954", "Visit of H.I.M. the Emperor of Ethiopia, October 1954" and "Valletta Palace - Reception in Honour of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia. Thursday, 7th October, 1954 at 11 a.m."; Sub-file 2) "Visit of H.R.H. the Princess Elizabeth" 1949-1950. Contains: correspondence and instructions for her departure; Sub-file 3) Viscount Montgomery, 1947. Includes: correspondence re. his passage through Malta; Sub-file 4) "Visit of Cardinal Lepicier (Papal Delegate), 17th June 1935". Contains: luncheon invitation, seating plan and guestlist; Sub-file 5) "Visit of H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent - 9th to 14th May 1956". Contains: correspondence, draft programmes, itineraries, luncheon programme, restricted priority message, dinner party details and documents, documents concerning visits to different locations etc.; Sub-file 6) "His Excellency, Rear Admiral the Earl Mountbatten of Burma - June 1948". Includes: newspaper clippings and visit programme; Sub-file 7) "Visit of H.I.M. the Shah of Persia - July 1948". Contains: newspaper cuttings, telegrams and a programme; Sub-file 8) "The Rt. Hon. E. Shinwell, M.P. S. of S. for War - April 1948". Contains programme; Sub-file 9) "Visit of Lieut: General Sir Edmond Schreiber, K.C.B., D.S.O., April 1948. Includes: 3 programmes, a newspaper cutting and 1 letter; Sub-file 10) Visit of Air Chief Marshal, Sir John Slessor - 4th October 1949 and Vice Admiral Sherman, US Navy - 14th October 1949. Contains: programme for visit; Sub-file 11) "Visit of Admiralty First Lord, Viscount Hall - 28th July 1949. Includes: routine, message from SECER to Governor and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 12) "Visit of H.R.H. Princess Margaret" 1950. Contains 3 newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 13) Information sheet re. Princess Elizabeth's visit, 2 programmes for the unveiling of the four tablets at Floriana war memorial and a press notice; Sub-file 14) "Visit of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands", 1950. Includes: visit routine, memorandum and programmes; Sub-file 15) Visit of Lieut. General Sir L. Hollis, 1950. Contains: correspondence, memorandum and programme; Sub-file 16) "Fourth Visit of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth", 1951. Includes: newspaper cuttings and memorandum/programme; Sub-file 17) "Visit of H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Greece, 16th to 21st April 1961". Contains memorandum; Sub-file 18) "Visit of the Rt. Hon. Iain Macleod. 8th & 9th December, 1959." Includes: guestlist for a cocktail party, programme, menus and a seating plan and guestlist for luncheon; Sub-files 19 and 20) Visit of Cardinal Spellman, Monday 29th September 1958 and 28th February to 1st March 1950 (respectively). They contain: instructions and newspaper cuttings.

British Legion

Sub-file 1) British Legion 1949-1957. Includes: correspondence, survey of work, newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 2) Malta Relief Fund 1957-1959. Includes: correspondence; Sub-file 3) Application to visit State Rooms etc. 1961-1965. Includes: applications for employment, 1962 - Paul Gatt and Mr Carmello Farrugia, job references, Tourist Board correspondence re. tour groups etc. and cruise liner correspondence.

Candlemas Ceremony

10 sub-files, one for each Candlemas ceremony for the years 1948-1957. They contain: seating plans, invitations, guestlists, typescript speeches by Sir Francis Campbell Ross Douglas and Sir Gerald Creasy, distribution of candles, newspaper cuttings, procedures, receipts, correspondence etc.

Candlemas Ceremony

Sub-file 1) "The Palace Valletta - Candlemas Ceremony 3rd February - Speeches 1936-1941"; 21 sub-files for each year, between 1928 and 1947. They contain: correspondence, guestlists, distribution of candles, invitations, hand-drawn plans of the palace, lists of parish priests, speeches etc.

Candlemas Ceremony

Sub-file 1) "Candlemas Ceremony, Tuesday 4th February 1958, 10.30 am". Includes: guestlist, list of locations, correspondence, list of parish priests, letters of thanks, newspaper cuttings, circular and 4 typescript copies of Sir Robert Laycock's speech; Sub-file 2) "Candlemas Ceremony, Tuesday 3rd February 1959, at 10.30 am". Includes: guestlist, list of locations, correspondence, list of parish priests, letters of thanks, newspaper cuttings, circular and 2 copies of Sir Robert Laycock's speech; Sub-file 3) "Candlemas Ceremony, Wednesday 3rd February 1960". Includes: invitation, newspaper cuttings, list of parish priests, guestlist, correspondence, list of locations, circular, and 3 copies of Sir Guy Grantham's speech; Sub-file 4) "Candlemas Ceremony, Friday 3rd February 1961". Includes: list of parish priests, receipts for candles, location list, circular, guestlist, Candlemas speech, newspaper cuttings, correspondence and 4 copies of Sir Guy Grantham's speech; Sub-file 5) "Candlemas Ceremony, Saturday 3rd February 1962". Includes: correspondence, newspaper cuttings, seating plan, guestlist and circulars.


Sub-files 1 and 2) "Carnival" for 1953 and 1954. They contain: parking instructions, staff lists, guestlists and seat reservations; Sub-file 3) Historic Jeep Presented to the People of Malta, 1955. Includes: newspaper cuttings, speech, invitations and attendance lists; Sub-file 4) Round Table Conference, 1955. Contains: attendance lists, handwritten notes, invitations, one gelatin silver photographic print, arrangements for departure, details of visits, seating plans and programmes etc.

Cassar Cup

Sub-file 1) "1926-1929". Includes: balance sheets, correspondence, invoices/receipts; Sub-file 2) "1930". Includes: correspondence, invoices, list of matches played; Sub-file 3) "1931". Includes: correspondence and invoices. 8 more sub-files for the years 1932-1940, including correspondence, summary statements, invoices/receipts, matches played, statements of repair; Sub-file 12) "Receipts from Institutions etc." 1940.

Cassar Cup

Sub-file 1) Applications for donations 1958-1962. Includes: 6 old coins and correspondence; Sub-file 2) "Cassar Cup - Ex-Football Players" 1956-1958. Includes: correspondence; Sub-file 3) "Cassar Cup 1959". Includes: allotments to institutions, correspondence, old coins, cheques, receipts, Cassar Cup sign, expenditures; Sub-file 4) "Cassar Cup 1960" - receipts; Sub-file 5) Cassar Cup 1961. Includes: correspondence, receipts, press circulars, newspaper cutting, Entertainments Duty Ordinance permit and accounts.

Cassar Cup

Cheque books; bank statements; ledger; rubber stamp (missing) and an Entertainments Duty Ordinance notice.

Cassar Cup Football Competition

Sub-file 1) Cassar Cup 1951-1952. Contains 4 sub-sub-files: "Receipts, Cassar Cup Competition 1951"; "Cassar Cup 1951 - Correspondence etc."; "Receipts - Cassar Cup Competition 1952"; "Cassar Cup 1952". Sub-file 2) Receipts 1953; Sub-file 3) "Cassar Cup Competition 1953" [1C]; Sub-file 4) "Cassar Cup Competiton 1954 - Receipts" [1C]; Sub-file 5) Cassar Cup 1954 [1C]; Sub-file 6) "Receipts - Cassar Cup Comp. 1955"; Sub-file 7) "Cassar Cup - Correspondence 1955"; Sub-file 8) "Cassar Cup Competition 1956 - Receipts"; Sub-file 9) Cassar Cup 1956; Sub-file 10) Receipts 1957; Sub-file 11) "Cassar Cup Competition 1957"; Sub-file 12) Receipts 1959; Sub-file 13) "Cassar Cup - 1958, played in May 1959".

Cassar Cup Football Competition

6 sub-files for each year from 1944-1950 (no 1945). They contain: accounts, receipts, competition rules, correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications for press etc. Also within this file is a cash book and ledger for the Cassar Cup Fund, 1927-1940.

Charity Dances

Sub-file 1) "Charity Dance, 10th January 1950 - Poppy Day". Contains 10 sub-sub-files, one listing all the balls held since 1925, and the others for specific dances held in different years between 1947 and 1958. They include: correspondence, programmes, newspaper cuttings, receipts, booklet containing ticket sales (St John Ball 1949) etc.; Sub-file 2) "Requests to hold Charity Dances at the Palace" 1947-1957. Contains: correspondence.

Cocktail Parties

Sub-file 1) Dance, Verdala Castle, 1962. Contains: invitations and guestlist; Sub-file 2) To Meet Miss L.J. Gray, General Superintendent Q.I.D.N.S., Tea, 1962. Contains: numerous slips of paper, all saying, "To meet L.J. Gray, General Superintendent Q.I.D.N.S.", guestlist and invitation list; Sub-file 3) Cocktail Parties. Includes: 9 sub-sub-files, for cocktail parties held during the years 1952 to 1960. They contain guestlists; Sub-file 4) Tea Parties and Garden Parties, 1948-1960. Includes: invitations, guestlists and correspondence.

Coronation Festivities of King George VI

Sub-file 1) Official lists; Sub-file 2) Applications for civilians to attend; Sub-file 3) "Te Deum"; Sub-file 4) Parking of cars at Valletta Palace courtyard; Sub-file 5) Luncheon - Gozo - Plan of Table; Sub-file 6) Garden Party at San Anton; Sub-file 7) 1st Prize for Shop Decorations. Includes 3 photographs and 1 postcard; Sub-file 8) State Dinner; Sub-file 9) Engagements - H.E. the Governor and Lady Bonham-Carter, 8th-16th May 1937.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth

Sub-file 1) Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Contains 10 sub-sub-files: "Receipted Bill - Coronation Entertainments"; "State Ball, Monday 1st June 1953"; State Ball list of guests; "Garden Party"; "Gozo - Garden Party - State Luncheon"; "State Luncheon - Gozo"; "Coronation File"; Coronation Day Arrangements; "Minutes of Meetings"; "Times of Malta".

Death of King George VI

Sub-file 1) Death of His Majesty King George VI, 1952. Contains: extracts from the Malta Government Gazette, two newspapers and joint service instruction for commemoration ceremonies; Sub-file 2) Visits to Gozo, 1946-1962. Includes: itinerary and 15 sub-sub-files for different occasions for the years 1951, 1953-1954, 1956, 1958-1962. They contain: invitations, newspaper cuttings, lists of members of Gozo Civic Council, guestlists etc. for luncheon, dinner and cocktail parties, menus, programmes, correspondence and notes on the island of Gozo for H.E. etc.; Sub-file 3) Lyceum - Parents' Day 1951. Contains a newspaper cutting; Sub-file 4) Presentation of King's Colours 1951. Includes: newspaper cuttings and two memorandums

Death of Queen Mary

Sub-file 1) Death of Her Majesty Queen Mary, 24th March 1953. Includes: Malta Government Gazette extract, telegram, 2 newspapers, funeral arrangements, meeting agenda and HQ Malta Garrison staff message control; Sub-file 2) Visit to Malta of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia 1949-1950. Includes: King's Birthday Parade joint service orders, details of parade at Floriana, timetable for Remembrance Day, programmes and a draft press notice; Sub-file 3) Mr E. Borg Gauci - Presentation of Sir Otto Bert - Medal and Diploma 1962. Includes: correspondence, invitation and newspaper cutting.

Departures - Arrivals and Swearing In of Governors

Sub-file 1) "Governors: Arrivals, Swearing-In and Departures" 1944-1954. Contains 7 sub-sub-files, for Sir Edmond Schreiber, Sir Gerald Creasy and Sir Francis Douglas. They include: seating arrangements, newspapers and newspaper cuttings, menus and farewell party documents, 16 gelatin silver photographic prints, oaths, proclamations, ceremony instructions, Malta Government Gazette, procedure on arrival, invitation lists and invitations, memorandums, farewell parade documents, commission signed by King George VI (13th July 1949), list of gifts etc.; Sub-file 2) Arrival of Sir Maurice Dorman, 2nd July 1962. Contains: guestlists, applications and queries re. invitations, invitations, newspaper cuttings, traffic arrangements, programmes, extracts of the Malta Government Gazette, formal call on the Air Officer Commanding, procedure on arrival, amplifying naval orders etc.

Exchange of Xmas and New Year Greetings

Each sub-file relates to Christmas and New Year greetings, and records relating to Christmas cards etc. (1 or 2 years covered per sub-file ), between 1943 and 1958. They include: newspaper cuttings; correspondence; lists; press notices; 2 Christmas cards dated 1945 etc.

Fur and Feather Show

In with this file are schedules relating to the Boy Scouts Association [assumed to be misplaced]; 5 sub-files relating to the "Fur and Feather Show", 1951 to 1955. These include: speeches, committee members and judges lists, lists of invitations, correspondence and newspaper cuttings; sub-file containing 6 sub-sub-files for the "Fur and Feather Show", covering the years 1945 to 1950. They contain the same items as the first 5 sub-files, but also include invitations and programmes; Sub-file entitled, "Beating of Retreat". Contains 14 sub-sub-files covering the years 1941 to 1956 [1947 is empty]. They contain: programmes, guestlists, correspondence, invitations, pipe programme: "Retreat" by the Pipes and Drums 2nd Bn. The Royal Scots (25th January 1947), newspaper cuttings, programme for the ceremony of "Beating Retreat by the Massed Royal Marine Bands and Drums of HM Ships" (1st May 1950), speeches, Retreat Programme by Combined Bands of 1st Bn. The Highland Light Infantry (71st 74th) (26th June 1952), programme of music for "Beat Retreat by the Royal Marine and Royal Marine Bands of the Mediterranean Fleet and 3 Commando Brigade" (14th October 1952) (the same for 26th January 1954 and 7th and 25th October 1954, and 24th January 1955), and programme for "Beat Retreat by the Band and Drums of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Mediterranean Fleet" (14th April 1956).

George Cross

Sub-file 1) "Presentation - Sunday 13th September 1942". Includes: newspaper cuttings, invitations, hand-drawn plan of Palace Square, entrance tickets, guestlist etc.; Sub-file 2) George Cross presentation anniversaries etc. 1944. Includes: newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 3) Unveiling of bust of Sir Winston Churchill 1956. Includes: typescript speech and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 4) Unveiling of commemorative tablets 1944. Includes: newspaper cuttings and 17 sub-sub-files -one for each anniversary between 1943 and 1959. They contain newspaper cuttings and press notices etc.; Sub-file 5) New Governor 1949. Includes: press notice, correspondence and details of ceremony; Sub-file 6) "Unveiling" 1949-1950. Includes: correspondence sent on behalf of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, and general correspondence; Sub-file 7) "1952". Includes: newspaper cuttings, annual report and other items relating to the Boy Scouts Association; Sub-file 8) "1953". Includes: newspaper cuttings and items relating to the Boy Scouts Association.

Girl Guides

Sub-file 1) "Girl Guides" 1947-1956. Includes: correspondence, newspaper cuttings and guestlists; Sub-file 2) "Presentation of a Gun to the City of Valletta, Friday 22nd October 1943. Includes: guestlist and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 3) "Presentation of Faith by the Air Officer Commanding, Friday 3rd Sept. 1943". Includes: guestlists, newspaper cuttings, admission tickets, invitations and car parking labels etc.; Sub-file 4) ""Battle of Britain" Commemoration of. From Sunday 17th September 1950 to" 1949-1960. Contains 7 sub-sub-files - one for the following years: 1949-1953; 1957; 1960. They contain: newspaper cuttings, correspondence, seating accommodation; parade timetables etc.; Sub-file 5) "Messages" 1947. Contains: letters and telegrams of congratulations, and multiple copies of a standard thank you letter to be sent out in reply.


Sub-file 1) "Investitures" 1939-1961. Includes: 31 sub-sub-files for investitures between 1939 and 1961, 12 sub-sub-files for private investitures between 1950 and 1961, and 1 sub-sub-file for newspaper cuttings, 1959. They contain: newspaper cuttings; presentations of decorations; photographs; memorandums; plans of arrangement; hand-drawn diagrams; recipients' families cards; invitations; lists of recipients; guestlists etc.; Sub-file 2) "Investitures from July 1942 to 16 December 1950". [EMPTY]

King's Birthday

Sub-file) King's Birthday Parade. Includes 6 sub-sub-files: "King's Birthday Parade, Friday 9th June, 1950" (1H); "King's Birthday 1949. Thursday 9th June" (H1); "King's Birthday, Thursday 10th June 1948"; "King's Birthday, 12th June 1947"; "King's Birthday. 14th June 1945"; "King's Birthday Celebrations": file inside entitled, "King's Birthday 1939 - Military March Past", containing guestlists etc. Included within the sub-sub-files are: newspaper cuttings, outlines, seating plans, memorandums and seat reservations.

Kings Own Regiment

Sub-file 1) Kings Own Regiment - 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment - 11th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment 1953-1959. Includes: correspondence; Sub-file 2) Hoisting of Allied national flags at Lascaris - NATO 1953. Includes: newspaper cuttings and a notice re. hoisting of flags; Sub-file 3) [Not in box or listed on cover of original file]; Sub-file 4) Civil Defence 1953. Includes: correspondence and message from the Governor; Sub-file 5) "Wedding". Miss Tilly Laycock to Lieut. Mark Agnew, R.N. 23rd April 1955. Includes: program, newspaper cuttings, invitations, parking list, "Wedding Transport", replies to invitations - acceptances list and refusals list.

Leave: Applications For

Official programme for the coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II; 4 gelatin silver print photographs (one of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip); statements on different men serving in the military; award of the Air Force Medal; Sub-file 1) "1954". Contains: Island Commissioner's instructions for the Boy Scout Association, correspondence, Chief Scout's Programme and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 2) "1955". Contains: Island Commissioner's Instructions for the Boy Scouts Association, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, Island Commissioner's Report and St George's Day-related items; Sub-file 3) "1956". Contains Boy Scouts Association material, similar to previous sub-files; Sub-file 4) "1957". Contains Boy Scouts Association material, similar to previous sub-files; Sub-file 5) "Leave - applications for" 1947-1956.

Leave: His Excellency's

Sub-file 1) "Leave - His Excellency's" 1950-1957. Contains 6 sub-sub-files containing correspondence and newspaper cuttings re. the arrival and departure of Sir Gerald Creasy and Sir Robert Laycock; Sub-file 2) "General Correspondence - Visits to UK by HE" 1945-1949 - marked "SECRET".; Sub-file 3) "Death of the Hon. Dr E. Mizzi, LL.D. Prime Minister, 20th December , 1950". Includes: correspondence, newspaper cuttings and the Malta Government Gazette; Sub-file 4) "Royal Life Saving Society - Presentation of Annual Trophies" 1949-1958. Contains: correspondence, newspaper cuttings, invitation, AG report appendix etc.

Letters of sympathy

Sub-file 1) "Letters of Sympathy and Replies thereto" 1949. Contains: letters of sympathy and replies regarding the death of the Governor's mother; Sub-file 2) "Letters of Condolences and Replies thereto" 1959. Contains: letters of sympathy and replies regarding the death of the Governor's mother.

Lists of Constituted Bodies etc.

Sub-file 1) Toy Tea, 1948-1960. Includes 9 sub-sub-files for the years 1948 to 1960. They contain: newspaper cuttings, entertainment tickets, press releases, correspondence, party dates, typescript broadcast transcript, Christmas appeal, ticket lists, list of helpers etc.; Sub-file 2) First Malta Trade Fair 1952. Contains newspaper cutting; Sub-file 3) Second Malta Trade Fair 1953. Contains: draft speech, invitation, programme, opening address of the President and newspaper cuttings. Sub-file 4) Third Malta Trade Fair 1955. Contains: one item of correspondence.

Malta Horse Show

1 sub-file entitled, "The request made by the Malta Horse Show"(1950) and 4 other sub-files - one for each horse show from 1948 to 1951. They contain: cash receipt books; correspondence; vouchers and receipts; income and expenditure; timetables of events; lists of judges; agendas; newspaper cuttings; memorandums etc.

Malta Horse Show

1 sub-file for each horse show between 1952 and 1962. They contain: vouchers/receipts; correspondence; timetables of events; newspaper cuttings; statements of accounts; luncheon slips; postage books; public liability policy etc.

Malta Horticultural Society

Sub-file) "Malta Horticultural Society" - Flower Show. Includes: 16 sub-sub-files for each year between 1944 and 1959, which contain: invitations, guestlists, newspaper clippings etc.

Malta Memorial District Nursing Association

First Annual Report 1947; 4 sub-files, one for each year from 1949 to 1952. They contain: meeting agendas, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper cuttings, Garden Fete Committee meeting minutes and MMDNA Third Report 1949-1952.

Malta Memorial District Nursing Association and The Malta Amateur Dramatic Club

Sub-file 1) Malta Memorial District Nursing Association 1953-1960. Includes Sub-sub-file 1) (1953) which contains correspondence, minutes of meetings; Sub-sub-file 2) (1954) contains correspondence and minutes of meetings; Sub-sub-file 3) (1955) contains 2 letters re. annual garden fete; Sub-sub-file 4) (1960) contains 4 letters re. MMDNA Palace Ball Committee; Sub-file 2)The Malta Amateur Dramatic Club 1956-1962. Includes Sub-sub-file 1) (1956) contains correspondence re. performances; Sub-sub-file 2) (1957) contains correspondence and Committee's Report 1956/1957; Sub-sub-file 3) (1958) contains correspondence; Sub-sub-file 4) (1959) contains correspondence, programmes and Rules for Management; Sub-sub-file 5) (1960) contains correspondence and Committee's Report 1959/1960; Sub-sub-file 6) (1961) contains correspondence; Sub-sub-file 7) (1962) contains correspondence.

Malta Racing Club

Sub-file 1) Malta Racing Club 1953. Includes: Address by President; correspondence; Malta Racing Club rules; Sub-file 2)Presentation of certificates by HE the Governor 1953. Includes: newspaper cutting; Sub-file 3) Sub-sub-file 1: State Dinner - 14th December 1950. Includes: invitations etc.; Sub-sub-file 2: State Dinners and State Luncheons - 29th November 1949 and Thursday 27th November 1952. Includes: seating plans and guestlists; Sub-sub-file 3: State Dinner - 17th March 1955. Includes: Menu, guestlist, invitations, music programme and correspondence; Sub-sub-file 4: State Luncheon - Wednesday 27th April 1960 [Duke of Edinburgh]. Includes: Menu, invitation and guestlist

Malta Union of Teachers

Sub-file 1) "Malta Union of Teachers - Annual Luncheon" 1951. Contains: invitation and reply, names of council members, correspondence and newspaper cutting; Sub-file 2) "Colonel E.J. Vella, O.B.E.E.D. Extension of appointment as Honourary Colonel The King's Own Malta Regt." 1951. Includes: correspondence; Sub-file 3) "Royal Malta Artillery Annual Ceremonial Parade" 1947-1961. Contains 13 sub-sub-files, for the years 1947-1955, 1957-1958 and 1960-1961. They contain: invitations and replies, correspondence, details of parade, parade ground plans, messages from the Governor, newspaper cuttings, text of a message of loyal greetings sent to His Majesty the King (mounted on cardboard,1951) etc.


Sub-file 1) Admiral Sir Guy Grantham 1959-1962. Contains correspondence; Sub-file 2) "Opera Box" a) Regulations regarding b) Application for use of 1929-1962. Contains 13 sub-sub-files, one for each year between 1947 and 1962. Each is entitled, "Charities". They contain annual contributions, correspondence, schedule of donations etc. This file also contains regulations for the Royal Opera House (1929) and loose correspondence; Sub-file 3) Death of the Archbishop of Malta, 17th December 1943. Contains: extract from the Malta Government Gazette, newspaper cuttings and Table of Precedence; Sub-file 4) "Address by H.E. the Governor to the officers of units arriving in Malta"

Pauline Centenary

1 sub-sub-file entitled, "Cocktails - Valletta Palace - Friday, 22nd July, 1960 at 11.45 a.m.". Includes: Cardinal's address, programmes, menus, invitations, order of procession, guestlists, newspaper cuttings, seating plan etc. The rest of the main file contains: correspondence, invitations, guest tickets, seating plans, handwritten notes, dinner guestlists, Pauline Centenary envelope, programmes, list of archbishops, committee lists, programme of celebrations and a circular.

Proclamation of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Sub-file 1) Proclamation of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Includes: proclamation, seating plan, newspaper and extracts from the Malta Government Gazette; Sub-file 2) Flags - flying of ("with File G. 23/48"). Includes: instructions regarding the flags flown at Valletta Palace ; Sub-file 3) Royal Malta Yacht Club. Includes: AGM minutes, invitation for Annual Dinner and correspondence; Sub-file 4) Illness of HE the Governor - Sir Gerald Creasy, KCMG, OBE - correspondence regarding. Includes: newspaper clippings and correspondence.

Proclamation re. Constitution

Sub-file 1) Proclamation re. Constitution 1939. Includes Sub-sub-file 1) "Constitutions - Proclamations of", containing: hand-drawn plan, admittance ticket, lists of invitations, extract from the Malta Government Gazette, gelatin silver photograph of the proclamation dated February 25th, 1939, pland showing allotment of seats, labels to affix to cars for parking, list of parking permits, Sub-sub-file 2) "Proclamation of the Constitution - 10th September 1947", containing: hand-drawn plan of venue, newspaper, newspaper cuttings, list of invitations, the Malta Government Gazette and instructions for the parade; Sub-file 2) Handing Over Ceremony of the Ancient Colours of the 1st Royal Sussex Regt. 1948. Includes: Ceremony booklets, correspondence, newspaper cuttings and invitations; Sub-file 3) Accession to throne (proclamations of George VI and Edward VIII) - 22nd January 1936. Contains Sub-sub-file entitled, "Accessions to Throne - Proclamations of", containing: order of procession and order of events.

Queen's Birthday Celebration

6 sub-files, one for each birthday from 1957 to 1962. They contain: parking permits for the parade; guestlists; newspaper cuttings; programmes; joint service instructions; awards for military personnel; circulars; seating plans; spectator arrangements; photographs of the parade (1959); traffic control and marshalling instructions; assembly plan and parade diagrams etc.

Queen's Birthday Parades

There are sub-files for every one of the Queen's birthdays between 1951 and 1956 (King's birthday parade 1951). They include: newspaper cuttings; seat reservations; joint service instructions; march past details; lists of attendees; enclosure tickets etc.

St. John Ambulance Association

Sub-file 1) "The St. John Ambulance Association" 1948-1961. Contains: 15 sub-sub-files - for AGMs, tea parties, balls and dinners etc. for the years 1945 and 1947; 1954-1957; 1959-1961, as well as loose correspondence, newspaper cuttings, a "Statutes and Regulations 1948" booklet and minutes of meetings etc.; Sub-file 2) "The St. John Golden Jubilee" 1959. Contains: a typescript speech, correspondence, programme and notes, operation details etc.; Sub-file 3) "The St. John Golden Jubilee Ball" 1959. Contains: correspondence, menu etc.; Sub-file 4) "40th Anniversary Celebrations - St. John Ambulance Brigade" 1949. Contains: correspondence, list of visitors to Malta, Commissioner's instructions and programme, calendar, minutes of meetings, typescript speech etc.

State Balls

Sub-file 2) "State Ball - Wednesday 11th April 1956". Includes: dress codes, car labels for parking permissions, official notices, repairs to be carried out (Public Works), "Bills - State Balls, 11th April 1956" - invoices and receipts; Sub-file 3) "Letters re. Invitations 1956"; Sub-file 4) "Correspondence - State Ball, Wednesday 11th April 1956; Sub-file 5) "State Ball, Monday 5th May 1958 at 10 o'clock - CANCELLED 31-3-58". Contains: guestlists, car lables for parking, correspondence etc.; Sub-file 6) "State Ball - Wednesday 6th June 1962. Contains: correspondence, guestlists, invitations, car labels for parking and repair cards for electric light repairs (Public Works).

State Balls

8 sub-files relate to different state balls/dances for the years 1936-1952. They contain: guestlists, lists of dances held by Army, Navy etc., correspondence etc. 2 sub-files refer to letters re. invitations (1938 and 1952) and 1 sub-file is for correspondence (1938).

State functions

Sub-file 1) Applications for invitations to state functions 1954-1960. Includes correspondence; Sub-file 2) Small Parties - Small Dances etc. Includes Sub-sub-file 1) "Children's Parties", which includes: "Children's Party, Saturday 30th December 1961" - San Anton Palace staff list and list of police stationed there; "Children's Party, San Anton Palace, Thursday 31st December 1959" - San Anton Palace staff list and guestlist; "Children's Party, Sunday 2nd January 1955, Castille Place at 2pm" - guestlist and list of household and gardening staff; Sub-sub-file 2) "Cocktail Party, San Anton Palace, Wednesday 2nd August 1961 at 6.45pm". Includes: San Anton Palace cocktails, Wednesday 19th July 1961 at 6.45pm, list of Maltese civilians, Royal Navy guestlist, English civilians list and Army guestlist; Sub-sub-file 3) "Cocktail Party, San Anton Palace, Tuesday 11th July 1961 at 6.45pm". Includes: guestlist for Maltese citizens, Members of the Executive Council, "Her Majesty's Judges", Permanent Heads of Department, "Ex-Officio Members", list of consular officers of foreign countries residing in Malta, list of magistrates, "Maltese Nobility", English civilians, Royal Air Force guestlist and Army guestlist; Sub-sub-file 4) "Cocktail Party, San Anton Palace, Wednesday 19th July 1961 at 6.45pm." Includes: list of Maltese civilians, English civilians, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army; Sub-sub-file 5) "Cocktail Party - Valletta Palace, Friday 22nd July 1960 - His Eminence Cardinal Louis Joseph Muench, Papal Legate". Includes: guestlist; Sub-sub-file 6) "Cocktail Party, Thursday 7th April 1960, at 6.45pm at San Anton Palace". Includes: guestlist; Sub-sub-file 7) "Cocktail Party - to celebrate the occasion of the birth of the Royal Baby, Tuesday 23rd February 1960". Includes: guestlist and firing of the royal salute. * There are 25 other sub-sub-files for different parties and occasions included within this sub-file.


Sub-file 1) "Quarterly Requisition for Stationery"; Sub-file 2) "Specimens". Includes: 4 samples of writing paper

Tables of Precedence

Sub-file 1)"Tables of Precedence as from 1947" [H1]; Sub-file 2)"Tables of Precedence - Distribution of" 1950-1955 [1H]; Sub-file 3) ""Exchange of Greetings" - New Year 1959" [1S]; Sub-file 4)"1958-1959 - List of persons to whom Christmas cards are sent" [1S]; Sub-file 5)"List of Persons to whom Christmas Cards are sent - Christmas 1960"; Sub-file 6)"Christmas Greetings - 1960-1961"; Sub-file 7)"Messages - 1960-1961"; Sub-file 8) "Christmas & New Year Messages 1959-1960"; Sub-file 9) "Christmas Greetings 1961-1962"

Tanti John

Sub-file 1) "Mr John Tanti (DECEASED)" 1952. Contains: correspondence and particulars; Sub-file 2) Mr Edgar Lubrano, 1950. Includes: correspondence, copy of certificate of service under the Admiralty and police certificate of conduct; Sub-file 3) "Empire Day Dinner". Contains 12 sub-sub-files, covering Empire Day celebrations, Empire Day speeches and Parking, between 1933 and 1957. They include: menus, newspaper cuttings, notices, seating plans, Trooping the Colour programmes, guestlists, invitations, original drafts, speeches, correspondence and Empire Day Challenge Cup presentation; Sub-file 4) "Bonanno, Mr Joseph" 1952 to 1954. Contains: correspondence re. health and search for employment; Sub-file 5) ""St Francis" Receipts" 1958. Includes: correspondence re. the yacht, St Francis being chartered by the Governor and corresponding receipts. There is also a newspaper cutting, re. the Governor's son, Ben Laycock, and how he fell overboard but survived. An account of the voyage is included; Sub-file 6) "Lt. Agnew's Car" 1956. Contains: correspondence and details on insurance and importation; Sub-file 7) "The Case of Joseph Triganza" 1957 to 1958. Includes: correspondence re. the ex-serviceman's requests for a pension after being invalided out of the Royal Sussex Regiment, and a neuro-psychiatry report; Sub-file 8) Mrs Cutajar (1956). Contains: correspondence regarding family housing conditions and a plan of a room at No.27, St Charles Street, Valletta; Sub-file 9) Mr E. Calleja (1960). Includes: correspondence re. the ex-footman at San Anton Palace and his emigration to Australia; Sub-file 10) ""Furniture Catalogues" from Milan" 1956. Contains: correspondence re. the obtaining of Italian furniture catalogues.

The Governor's change of residence

Sub-file 1) Change of residence of HE the Governor 1950-1953. Includes: press release, newspaper cutting and correspondence; Sub-file 2) Speeches by HE the Governor 1949-1954. Includes: newspaper cuttings, typescript speeches and correspondence; Sub-file 3) Prize-giving by HE the Governor 1951. Includes: correspondence and typescript speech; Sub-file 4) Farewell visits by HE the Governor, Sir Gerald H. Creasy K.C.M.G., K.C.V.D., O.B.E. 1954. Includes: newspaper cuttings, correspondence and programme; Sub-file 5) Centenaries 1954. Includes: newspaper cuttings, correspondence and a "History of HM Dockyard Police 1854-1954"

Unveiling of Tablets

Sub-file 1) "Unveiling of Tablets" 1949-1950. Contains: newspaper cuttings, hand-drawn plan and correspondence; Sub-file 2) "Funeral of His Majesty King George V, 28th January 1936". Contains: instructions and guestlists for memorial ceremony; Sub-file 3) Possession of the Diocese and Enthronement, 1944. Contains: newspaper cuttings, luncheon booklet and Historical Record of His Grace Mgr. Michael Gozi; Sub-file 4) "Silver Jubilee Festivities - King George V" 1935. Contains 13 sub-sub-files, for programmes, speeches, dinners, garden parties etc.

Victory Celebrations

Sub-file 1) Victory Celebrations 1945-1946. Includes 3 sub-sub-files, two for 1945 (May and August in one and Gozo in the other), and one for 1946. They contain: newspaper cuttings, complete original newspapers, state balcony plan, correspondence, seating plan for the Governor's official luncheon (1945), speeches, telegrams, invitations, musical programmes, parade programmes and instructions, guestlists etc.; Sub-file 2) Armistice Day 1945-1960 (divided into sub-sub-files). Contains: war memorial ceremony instructions and corresponding plans, Poppy Day Appeal speech (annotated, 1946), Poppy Fund programme of events, joint service instructions for Remembrance Day 1952 and 1957; Sub-file 3) Presentation of Cup to the King's Own Band 1952. Includes: newspaper cuttings and correspondence; Sub-file 4) Presentation of Banner to the King's Own Band, 3rd August 1947. Contains: newspaper cuttings and speech; Sub-file 5) "Presentation of New Regimental Colour to Salesian Boys Brigade" 1949. Includes: newspaper cutting, sequence of events, correspondence etc.

Village visits and photographs

Sub-file 1) "Visits to Villages etc. By Sir Gerald Creasy, K.C.M.G., O.B.E. - 1950-51-52-53 - Correspondence". Contains 3 sub-sub-files, one of which contains newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 2) "Photographs - distribution of" 1948-1962. Contains 5 sub-sub-files, which include: correspondence relating to photographs and visits to band clubs etc.; Sub-file 3) "Photographs - Requests for" [Empty]

Visit of the Duke of Gloucester

Sub-file 1) Visit of HRH the Duke of Gloucester 1944-1962. Includes: newspaper cuttings, newspapers, seating plans, guestlist, and 5 sub-sub-files, one for a different visit or dinner. These contain: copy signals, messages, secret messages, secret cypher messages, telegrams, programmes, correspondence, the Duke's speeches, invitations, Christmas menu, dinner menus etc.; Sub-file 2) "Visit of HM King George VI, 20th June 1943". Contains: seating plans, newspapers and a menu; Sub-file 3) "Visit of Mr F.D. Roosevelt (Presentation of the "Scroll" to Malta) 8th December 1943". Contains: newspaper; Sub-file 4) Visit of Winston Churchill 1943. Contains: list of previous visits and a newspaper extract; Sub-file 5) Visit of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh 1952. Contains: luncheon seating plan, departure arrangements, newspaper clippings, newspapers, messages, arrival and departure, confidential notices, memorandum, labels for cars, various notices of arrangements etc.

Visits to Malta of VIPs

Sub-file 1) Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, 1950. Includes: newspaper cuttings and information sheets for the visit. 10 more sub-files, one for each year between 1955 and 1961. They contain: programmes, memorandums, press releases, a newspaper from 1956 and correspondence.

Visits to Units of the Services

Sub-file 1) "Visits to Units of the Services" 1960-1961. Includes: 8 sub-sub-files, one for each visit for each year between 1952 and 1960. They contain: programmes for HE the Governor's visit, military-related notices and instructions and correspondence and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 2) "Sir Gerald Creasy - Government and other Departments and Hospitals" 1950-1957. Contains: 7 sub-sub-files - 1 for visits, 1 for correspondence and 5 for each year between 1950 and 1954. They contain: Lady Laycock's visits to hospitals including Santo Spirito and St Luke's in 1954 (newspaper cuttings), newspaper cuttings and correspondence; Sub-file 3) "Factories - Visits to" 1950-1955. Includes: 7 sub-sub-files - 1 for each year between 1950 and 1955, and 1 entitled "Correspondence - Factories". They contain: correspondence and newspaper cuttings; Sub-file 4) "Schools - Visits to" 1950-1955. Contains: 2 sub-sub-files - "Correspondence - Schools" and "Visits to Schools 1955", which includes 4 sub-sub-sub-files - 1 for each year between 1950 and 1953/54. Mostly newspaper cuttings.

Visits to villages by the Governor

Sub-file 1) Visits to villages by HE the Governor 1944-1946. Includes: newspaper cuttings and Sub-sub-file 1) (HE/9/5): "HE's Visits and Inspections" which contains itineraries, correspondence etc.; Sub-file 2) Visits of V.I.P's (1947-1950) [MISSING]; Sub-file 3) Visits of Institutes 1931-1940. Includes: lists of parish priests and lists of visits (including Lady Campbell's)